Christmas Carol at Norton Priory

In mid-November 2020 I was approached by a new client A Place For Us to help teach and develop one of the owner’s skills in Lighting for theatre.

Chris contacted me wanting to learn how to do basic theatre lighting with his small rig that he had also asked for advice on adding to which we advised upon the purchase of 10 new RGBAWUv LED PARcans which were gratefully received – and provided the majority of the lighting in the below photos from the successful event.

Alongside Chris and A Place For Us’ new Beamz RGBAWUv LED PARs which we deployed around the sides and upstage of the acting space we also used Chris’ other 6 Cobra 6 Colour PARs as front lighting, deployed 3 each SL and SR.

Norton Priory had also recently purchased a low fogger for their weddings and other events in the spaces and this can be seen used for dramatic effect in the pictures above

Dan Clarkson Production provided control in the form of our 6144 parameter ETC EOS Nomad with Programming Wing and Touchscreens and our RGB LED Tape system that can support up to 12 separately controllable 5m strips of RGB LED Tape. For this production, we elected to use 6 of the outputs, with 2x 1m, 3x 2m and a 5m section of tape we have available. These were used to create a low lying effect to light up the low fog from above, create a fire behind Scrooge and to light up the alcove that contains the statue of St Christopher that Norton Priory proudly displays in the atrium. 

Lighting up the alcove was a decision I made on the day to use as a cyclorama style piece which went down very well with the CEO of Norton Priory who requested a quote to have the effect permanently installed in the atrium of Norton Priory for use during weddings and other events. 

A week before the event Chris came down to our base to continue our Zoom lessons on programming ETC EOS consoles and in order to use our Pre-Visualisation system to pre-programme Christmas Carol as much as possible to make the show day as easy and stress-free as possible as we knew that we were going to have very little lighting time to perfect the show due to the sunlit atrium at the Priory!