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Lighting Design/Programming

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Lighting Design

Working with the elements to provide a bespoke design that tells your story and bring a meaningful impact to your production.

Sound Engineering

A Production that you can’t hear isn’t the most fun – we work with you or your Sound Designers to create a show that sounds amazing and is as unobtrusive as possible

CAD Design

How can you plan a show without seeing it? We offer top of the line Vectorworks drawings for productions with everything from a lighting plan to a full model of your set or the entire building! We can then take this drawing and start lighting your production months in advance and save time and money.


We carry a full Capture Symphony licence and this allows us to fully design your show in a virtual theatre – it could even be the actual theatre you’re doing your production in! Along with our full  ETC EOS system this means that models we’ve made beforehand can be lit and viewed as if we were in a production week right now – just without all the stresses!


A few messages from past clients

Having employed Dan for a vast range of projects within the JW Theatres group ranging from small LED installation projects, to medium-scale theatre productions, through our large-scale arena tours his dedication and passion for his sector are second to none. Dan’s subject knowledge of the intricacies of equipment is his most valuable asset. This knowledge gives us, as clients, the peace of mind that equipment on-site will receive the utmost care and in turn, be as reliable as possible for the duration of the run. Whether employing Dan for installation or fabrication work through to full-scale production works Dan will deliver on his objectives and ensure that the client’s vision is understood and implemented in a timely fashion.
Dan is a very capable and knowledgeable team member, always brimming with creative ideas and technical know-how to help solve all manner of problems that occur during a production. Would not hesitate to work with him again.