Our Services

Lighting Design

Lighting elevates your production and we happily work with you to create a design that moves you and your audience – we do everything from concerts to plays to musical theatre! 

Sound Design

We’re well known for our sound design for productions such as ‘The Wicked Lady’, ‘The Orphanage’ and ‘The Greatest Show: Songs from Hollywood’

We’re experts in touring surround sound audio productions having built our own Dante POE QLab systems  with custom show control mechanisms built into the productions ready for whatever challenges get thrown our way!

CAD Design

We’re exceptionally skilled at drawing extremely accurate CAD models of productions to give clients the highest possible reassurances of their productions quality.

We draw in Vectorworks and Fusion360 depending on what is required post process wise and these either feed into our productions for pre visualising or for CNC manufacture for staging or general manufacture.

Pre Visulisation

We carry a full Capture 2023 Symphony licence that along with our ETC EOS console we can fully programme productions or elements before we even start hanging a single light and this allows us to create much higher quality productions because we’ve had a lot more time to work on your elements to make your show just right!


Along with our partners at The Stage Bus Ltd we operate a fleet of 8ft x 4ft CNC routers and Laser Cutters and our personal fleet of 3D Printers that we can use to create literally anything you or we need.

We will happily machine your own designs or with you to design and build your perfect system or element that you need for your show! 

Our Production Process


CAD Designs and Renders


Pre visualisation and pre programming


On site, making your show look and sound amazing